SBPI Services, Inc. brings you... Securities Based Loans!

Securities Based Loans are an ideal source of fast, low-cost funds for someone who holds publicly traded stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, municipal bonds, investment grade corporate bonds, US treasuries, CDs, money market funds, structured notes and even private/pre-IPO stocks, and wants to borrow money against them.

Stocks can be on Western European and North American stock exchanges, as well as Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Thailand, and Brazil. Borrowers can be citizens of any country, and reside anywhere in the world.

In the US, Securities Based Loans are the perfect source of funds for foreigners, foreign nationals, borrowers with limited or undocumented income, those who do not want to show tax returns, people with less than perfect credit (we do not check credit) and borrowers who need large amounts of cash, quickly. Only the stocks, not the borrowers, are underwritten.

Some important points....

● Interest rates range from 2.25 - 4.75 + 30 day LIBOR

● Line of credit - can be used indefinitely

● Low origination fees; no other closing costs

● Close in approximately two to three weeks

● LTV on stocks up to 70%

● LTV on treasuries and bonds up to 95% (based on duration & rating)

● Borrower retains full title, control and beneficial interest in stocks

● Minimum loan amount US citizens: $100,000 US (mixed portfolio)

● Minimum loan amount US citizens: $1,000,000 (single stock)

● Minimum loan amount non-US citizens: $1,000,000

● No maximum lending limits

● Pay interest only on funds used at any time

● Funds may be used for virtually any purpose, anywhere in the world

● Borrower's nationality and residence can be anywhere in the world

● Stock must be freely trading without restrictions

● Retirement accounts and annuities not eligible


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Fund in as little as 10 business days